Mommy with a Bun

Dropping your kids to school or stepping out to do your daily chores, you see her…
Tying her Frizzy Hair in a Bun.
Spot her, help her. She might be slipping away.
Tell her you have been in the same boat and ALL WILL BE WELL.
(Pic Courtesy: Google)
Tell her to start believing her mother instincts and it’s time to enjoy her imperfections. Ask her to take time for herself, Mommy needs to be mothered once in a while.
Hire a Nanny for a day, or take help from your spouse we all know motherhood can be very exhausting. Take a Break once in a while, soak your feet wet in a long bubble bath.
(Pic Courtesy: Google)
Yah we know when the kid is asleep you have a whole load of work to be accomplished. You need to clean the house, do the laundry, keep the toys away, go to the loo blah blah blah…but the house is clean enough to raise a healthy kid. Somethings can wait but when your child is up you will have to be that Mom again.
Learn to “Let Go”, Don’t be “Paranoid
Let the kids be kids…
They will hurt themselves when they will play,
They will eat as and when they wish,
They will fall sick once in a while
You running after them ALWAYS, will not help anyone. Stop getting paranoid, it is not your Fault.
Let the world Speak
People will have opinions how you should raise YOUR kids. No one can stop them from keeping an opinion (well everybody is bound to have one).
 But yes, you can stop listening to every single one of them. Trust your Instincts.
(Pic Courtesy: Google)
These are the few words which every Mom needs to be reminded in time again & again. They brought change to my life, I am sure can help others too. Next time you see a Mom with the Frizzy Bun, you know she needs your help to accept her Imperfections.
We all moms need to stand and look out for each other.
Leave a comment if you Agree with me
-That Imperfect Mom


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